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Carrot Alarm Clock for iOS: Now You’re Waking with GLaDOS

 |  |  |  |  |  August 16, 2013

There are alarm clocks that wake you gently, and there are others that torture you to get you out of bed. The Carrot Alarm iOS app on the other hand will make you wake up so you can hang out with a GLaDOS clone. How GLaDOS-y is Carrot? She says she kills a kitten everytime you hit the snooze button. I’m not kidding. I hope she is.


Carrot’s clock is easy to use. It’s the alarm part that makes her special. And by special I mean evil. After greeting you with her cold voice, she’ll make you play a minigame before she turns the alarm off. But she has a good side too. As you use Carrot, you earn points that unlock additional sound bites and music.

Carrot is lurking at the iTunes App Store. Pay $0.99 (USD) to let her invade your life.

[via Pocket-lint]