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‘Hey Girl’ Puts Ryan Gosling on Every Website

 |  |  |  |  |  August 20, 2013

Is your feed full of stupid memes you don’t care for and pictures of your friends’/relatives’/acquaintances’ babies? Are you sick of looking at selfies and random people making that annoying duck face on your Facebook feed?

If the images on your screen are getting too much to take, then you might want to install the Hey Girl app in your browser.


Hey Girl automatically swaps out all of the photos on a website with images of Ryan Gosling. There’s some of him acting goofy, there’s a couple of screenshots from movies, and there’s one where he’s canoodling with a girl (don’t you wish that were you?)

Hey Girl

The app was developed by Katherine Champagne when she was at Dev Bootcamp Chicago. At the start, the app involved using Channing Tatum but Katherine eventually switched to Ryan Gosling.

Katherine explains: “I hope that inspires more women to get into web development- there needs to be more of us, ladies! It’s not all math, it’s not boring – as I hope evidences, I’ve found programming to be an incredible creative outlet.”

You can install the Hey Girl bookmarklet or Chrome Extension here.

[via Incredible Things]