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Hospitalis Restaurant: Where Every Diner is a Patient and Every Patient is a Diner

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Written by Hazel Chua | August 22, 2013

If you have a fear or intense dislike for hospitals, then chances are you won’t appreciate the quirkiness behind the concept of the Hospitalis Restaurant, which is a hospital-themed restaurant.


From the decor to the actual food, the entire place just screams “creepy hospital!”

The inside of the restaurant is decorated in red and white, characteristic of most hospitals. The tables look like surgical tables you’ll find in the operating room, while the utensils resemble surgical instruments. The food itself looks like a bunch of chopped up and disjointed body parts (eww!) and the drinks are served in IV bags and flasks.


The most outrageous thing about the restaurant, though, is the option of allowing their diners to eat in a straitjacket. Since they won’t have use of their limbs anymore, waitresses in nurses’ outfits are more than happy to feed them their meal by the spoonful.


The Hospitalis Restaurant is located in Latvia, so if you ever find yourself there, maybe you can check it out and share your experience – assuming you can escape the straitjacket.

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