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Ferrari 458 Speciale: Making the Italia Even More Special(e)

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Written by Range | August 23, 2013

Is it possible to improve the Ferrari 458 Italia? Well, even Ferrari seems to think so, thanks to the plethora of different versions of the car that are available right now. The latest and greatest is the Speciale, which will premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10th, in Germany.

ferrari 458 speciale front photo

When compared with a stock 458, the Ferrari 458 Speciale has an improved aerodynamic efficiency index, making it more slippery at faster speeds. It’s got a more powerful naturally-aspirated 4.5L V8, that develops 596 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. This will make it go pretty fast –  from 0 to 62 mph in just three seconds. It’s also got the highest lateral acceleration (1.33 G) of any Ferrari.

ferrari 458 speciale side photo

ferrari 458 speciale top photo

It will launch in a couple of weeks, so all of you speed freaks can start salivating. It’s definitely got awesome performance, but I kind of cringe at discovering the retail price (which hasn’t been announced yet).