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Custom Steampunk Link Action Figure (Hy)rules

 |  |  |  |  |  August 24, 2013

This awesome custom Link action figure has it all. Look out Ganon. You are about to have a very bad day. This amazing custom figure was made by KodyKoala, who wanted to explore what the Zelda games would be like if they were set in a steampunk universe.
link figure
After seeing this, I believe that he should be the one to populate that universe. He wanted to make a futuristic Link, but still keep some of the classic things that we all love. He also wanted to have a fun way for Link to carry all of his inventory. It looks like Link has about fifty some items he is carrying here.
link figure1
It took a lot of parts, so it ended up being a more expensive than he wanted. But that is why it looks so good. This figures stands about 6 inches tall. You can buy it for $300(USD) in his Etsy shop.
link figure2
[via albotas]