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iPhone DJ Dock: Two Turntables and a Smartphone

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 25, 2013

There are seemingly a billion and one iPhone and iPod docks on the market, so how do you make one that stands out from the crowd? Simple. Make one that looks like this.


SKU Style’s custom-made dock for 30-pin iOS devices is designed to look like a DJ rig. The center dock looks like a mixer, while the left and right speakers look just like turntables. It’s really a brilliant design, and would look great sitting on your bookshelf. Each component is made from sculpted resin and covered with white paint.

Check it out over on Etsy, where you can grab it for $400(USD). Just don’t try scratching the turntables by sticking your fingers on the platters. You’re likely to puncture a speaker cone or something.