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Comfort Cast Makes Broken Arms Look Almost Desireable

 |  |  |  |  |  August 28, 2013

Whenever you have a broken limb, life can get quite difficult. There aren’t plenty of ways that you can make it better, however, sticking a screen on it and completely modernizing is something I hadn’t thought about before now.

comfort cast kyuho song broken limb photo

The Comfort Cast concept by Kyuho Song is definitely an improvement over a traditional cast. You can use the e-Ink screen to Facebook your status, and it will even allow doctors to monitor your condition remotely, and has a media player built in. It even has an air pressure system so the cast can be adjusted.

comfort cast kyuho song broken limb graphic photo

The system includes a charging and disinfection system which makes the Comfort Cast reusable too. It’s going to be interesting to see if something like this will ever be available. Hopefully, you’ll be able to rent them directly from hospitals and give them back once you’ve fully recovered.

comfort cast kyuho song broken limb info photo

[via Yanko Design]