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Custom Optimus Prime Mask: Steampunks in Disguise

 |  |  |  |  |  September 1, 2013

This awesome Optimus Prime steampunk mask is an amazing piece of art. You can wear it or just put it on a shelf. If you do wear it, it has a voice changer built in. This means awesome adult playtime coolness and fun. This mask makes Optimus a robot in disguise, who is in disguise again, with a steampunk makeover.
optimus prime mask
It may have started out as one of these cheap toy masks, but it’s pretty special now. I love the antiqued finish, and the bolt and rivet details are super nice.

Etsy seller CaptainBayley says that this mask is being offered for a limited time only. It is just $143.13(USD). That’s not a lot to ask, especially since this means that you can finally start that Steampunk Transformers movie you’ve been meaning to make.