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Kúla Deeper Lets You Take 3D Photos and Videos with Any DSLR Camera: 3DSLR

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 2, 2013

I don’t know if 3D cameras ever took off or are taking off, but a simple invention could hasten their downfall. It’s called the Kúla Deeper, an add-on for standard DSLR cameras that uses mirrors to create two side-by-side images or videos.


The Kúla Deeper attaches to 72mm DSLR lenses by default, but Kúla will also release additional lens adapters for other lens sizes. The add-on has four high precision mirrors that create two images and then reflect those two images on the lens. You can immediately enjoy the stereosopic 3D on your camera’s LCD display with the glasses that come with the Kúla Deeper. Kúla will also release a free software called Kulacode that will let you convert the images and videos you captured into various 3D formats.

Cross your eyes and pledge at least €59 (approx. $78 (USD)) on Karolina Fund to get a Kúla Deeper as a reward.

[via Digital Trends]