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Rare Breaking Bad Slot Machine: Perfect for Walt’s “Gambling Addiction”

 |  |  |  |  September 4, 2013

So I have to admit I’m a bit of a gambler. Not that I play all the time, but when I’m in Vegas, all bets are on. And even know I know the odds are dramatically stacked against me, I occasionally still play the slots. Now here’s a slot machine that I’d definitely pump some quarters into (if you still pumped quarters into slot machines.)


This rare “Limited Heisenberg Edition Breaking Bad Slot Machine” turned up recently over on Etsy, and according to its seller, it’s one of just five ever made.


It offers special reels which portray characters from the show (as well as the winnebago meth lab), and has sound samples from the show when you win. Yes, it says things like “I am the one who knocks” and “Say my name.” Though it doesn’t say anything about taking a trip to Belize. And if you get three Saul Goodmans, he’ll bail you out with free spins.

Check it out in action in the short video clip below:

My favorite part is how it plays the theme music when you open the front of the machine. I’m going to guess this isn’t officially licensed Breaking Bad merch, so if you want it, you might want to move quick. Besides the fact, there’s only five of them in existence. It’s available up on HeisenbergLabs’ Etsy shop for $1299 (USD), plus another $199 for shipping in the U.S.