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Mirror 180: One Mirror, Two Reflections


Written by Hazel Chua | September 5, 2013

Do you find yourself pushing your roommate or significant other out of the way every morning, just so you can get a better glimpse of yourself in the mirror? It might seem like a minor thing, but a lot of people get on each other’s nerves in the daily battle to get some prime mirror space.

Mirror 180

Mirror 180 solves that problem though, since it’s a singular mirror that works like it’s actually two. The mirror is angled in the middle, so it gives you two different perspectives. There are a bunch of ways you can use the mirror, depending on how you choose to hang it. Most just hang it with the halves vertical, though, so two people can use it side by side without having to fight over space.

Convenience comes at a pretty hefty price tag, though, as the Mirror 180 retails for $279(USD).

[via Craziest Gadgets via Red Ferret]