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Nissan Nismo Watch Concept Tracks Your Heart Rate While You’re Hooning

 |  |  |  |  September 9, 2013

When you are doing something that requires a lot of thought and concentration it’s surprisingly easy to forget to breathe. For instance, when you’re zipping down the racetrack at 100mph or pulling 2Gs around a corner, you should breathe. To help drivers be aware of their state of being while behind the wheel, Nissan has unveiled an interesting and rather offbeat device called the Nismo Watch Concept.


The purpose of the smartwatch is to connect the driver to their Nismo car and provide the driver with real-time biometric data. Drivers can use the watch to monitor the efficiency of their vehicle including average speed and fuel consumption. The watch can also access vehicle telematics and performance data while the driver is on the race track.┬áThe Nismo watch also captures the driver’s heart rate.


The watch connects to the car using a smartphone application and the watch can receive messages from Nissan having to do with their specific vehicle. There’s no word on if the device will be produced or what it might cost, but it’s interesting to see Nissan considering something like this.