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Xevious T-Shirt: If Only It Offered Vertical Scrolling

 |  |  |  September 9, 2013

Back in the day, Xevious was one of my favorite arcade games. It was one of the first-ever vertical-scrollers, and it offered great graphics for its time, a hypnotic soundtrack, and great gameplay. Now, you can celebrate fond memories of Namco’s arcade classic with this great full-print Xevious t-shirt.


The t-shirt is covered top-to-bottom with graphics from the 1983 arcade shooter. What I really love about the design is that it’s really cool all on its own, but those who know the game will know exactly what it’s all about.


Unfortunately, the Xevious t-shirts appear to have been so collectible that the price has escalated significantly over retail. But if you really want one, you can still find them over on Amazon Japan or eBay for anywhere from about $50 to $120 (USD). At least that’s still cheaper than an actual Xevious machine.