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Orée Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad: Gestures Come Naturally

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Written by Lambert Varias | September 17, 2013

If you bought Orée’s wooden keyboard, it’s time for you to save up for its sidekick. This October Orée will release the Touch Slab, a Bluetooth multitouch trackpad that’s also made of a single piece of wood. It’s a pointing device, a piece of kindling and a construction material all in one.


Like the Board, the Touch Slab is made of either walnut or maple. It will also come with what appears to be a fake leather mat that will help you use it as a numerical keypad. Wired hopes that the Touch Slab will develop “a rich patina” from the oil from your hand as you use it. Whether that’s cool or disgusting is up to you. I wonder what Cheetos patina is like.

Grow a browser and head to Orée’s website to pre-order the Touch Slab. For some reason it’s even more expensive than the wooden keyboard: it costs €150 (~$200 USD) plus shipping.

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