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Halo Needler Replica is Epic Volpin Propage

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 24, 2013

We have seen some incredibly cool props come from the replicating geeks over at Volpin Props. One of my favorites was the Terrible Shotgun from Fallout 3. The latest build to surface is definitely of the quality we expect prop maker Harrison Krix, and this time it comes from the Halo universe. What you see here is a realistic replica of the Needler gun complete with lights and sound effects.


The prop was commissioned for Tested, and it’s incredibly cool. According to Volpin, the replica required 15 molds to cast its 24 individual parts. All told, there are 54 LEDs used to make the needles and other components glow.


It’s not exactly a lightweight prop with the finished product weighing in at about 10 pounds. The replica pistol also plays three different Halo sound effects. If you want to see how the replica was built, you need to check out the time-lapse video below, and read the build log over on Tested.

[Volpin Props via The Awesomer]