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Another Cool Star Wars Bedroom Built for Some Lucky Kid

 |  |  |  |  September 25, 2013

I never got a Star Wars themed room when I was growing up. These days are getting spoiled rotten with AT-ATs in their bedrooms. The joke is on them because when they get older they will not know how to sleep without such nerd trappings. Actually, I’m just jealous.
star wars room
This bedroom was made by a friend of Reddit contributor mcalis2. It has a Millenium Falcon/X-Wing Fighter bedspread, an AT-AT on the shelf next to a Boba Fett head, a Wampa skin rug, even lightsabers on the wall.

This kid goes to sleep every night dreaming about a galaxy far far away, while the rest of us just listen to our mates snore and wish we had such an awesome bedroom.

[via Neatorama]