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Plush Star Wars Bantha: No Bantha Fodder Required

 |  |  |  |  October 1, 2013

This plush Star Wars Bantha is much better quality than the others that you can buy online – and he’s big too. This guy measures 15 1/2″ tall X 21″ long X 19″ wide. And he looks more authentic than others too. This is much better than having a real Bantha. There is no climbing a ladder to get on it and you don’t need to feed it that nasty, smelly Bantha fodder either.


This dude is made from recycled parts like fake fur from a thrift store stuffed animal, a sweater and vintage buttons for the eyes. He is pretty adorable, don’cha think?

Tatooine’s cutest animal comes from Etsy seller ecoLEFTZ and will cost you $1,200.(USD) Sure, that’s crazy expensive. It costs more than most moisture farmers make in a lifetime, but this is the best plush Bantha you can find.