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Star Wars R2-D2 Navigator Vehicle Graphic: R2-D2 Where Are You?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 4, 2013

Astromech droids are like GPS navigation systems for X-Wing pilots. Plus they can help to fix your ship on the fly and just keep you company. They are great to have docked into your hull. If only we had Astromech droids for our cars. Here is a way to at least make it look like you do.

r2 graphic
This R2-D2 astromech droid graphic is easy to install on your car and sticks to virtually all surfaces, although it looks best on the trunk of your vehicle – not on the hood. It includes R2-D2, an optional arm extension, a blast mark to reveal the open wiring of your ship, a control panel, and of course the Star Wars logo.

Yes, it would be better as a 3-dimensional object, but it is still pretty cool. It will make you feel like Luke, with R2 keeping you company on the back of your car.