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Operation Apron: The Wish Bone’s Connected to the Oven-Baked Chicken

 |  |  |  |  |  October 7, 2013

Despite being one of the most frustrating games ever made, Operation was also one of my favorite board games as a child. Perhaps it was because it helped introduce me to the world of medical science, or simply the possibility that the game could give you a mild shock. Either way, it’s always been a lots of fun.

The next time you’re cooking, you can reminisce about the many times you caused your patient’s nose to light up and buzz thanks to the Operation apron!


While its plump, nekkid mid-section isn’t exactly the most flattering look, the Operation apron offers up all of the important parts of your real fake anatomy, from your wish bone to your funny bone to your bread basket and those pesky butterflies in your stomach. Though I make no claims that studying this will help you pass your MCATs.

It’s available from Perpetual Kid (though currently sold out) for $19.99(USD), though if you live in the UK, you can grab one over at I Want One of Those for £14.99.