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Grossest Cupcake Ever: Topped with a Maggot, Filled with Creamy Pus

 |  |  |  |  October 9, 2013

These cupcakes are just plain nasty. But that’s what makes them so perfect for Halloween.

They were baked and decorated by Twisted Fondant, who aptly named them the “Mango Fly Larvae Cupcakes.” Or you could just call them the maggot cupcakes, for short.

Maggot Cupcakes1

The cupcakes look pretty plain, with just a seemingly innocent white dot at the center. But you’ll know something’s up once they hand you a pair of gloves and tweezers along with the cupcake.

There’s nothing else to do but use the tweezers to pull the white (and thankfully, not wriggling) maggot out from the center. Then, as doctors do in actual cases, you’re supposed to squeeze the pus out of the hole.

Maggot Cukcake

Of course, you are then expected to eat the entire thing as if these are the type of cupcakes you see and eat every day.

Maggot Cupcakes2

These were made for the Eat Your Heart Out pop-up cake shop, which will be popping up in London later this year.

[via Neatorama via That’s Nerdalicious]