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Nissan Skyline Covered with Heat-Sensitive Paint Changes Color When Wet

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 9, 2013

Criminals are gonna love this Nissan Skyline R33 that was coated with heat-sensitive paint by UK bodyshop Auto Kandy. Imagine robbing a bank and then driving under a waterfall to change the color of your car. Not that there are many waterfalls available to you, but still. You could go through a car wash. Or just have a friend waiting in a warehouse with a hose.
color changing car
Police would be so fooled. And you would get away. At least until the car dries off and changes back, and your stolen bags of money explode ink all over you. Hey, at least you have a cool car.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to buy our own color-changing cars soon. Next step? Let’s get them flying.

[via Reddit via Geekologie]