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iKettle Can be Controlled over Wi-Fi: Steam Signals

 |  |  |  |  |  October 10, 2013

Despite its uninspired name, the iKettle seems like a good idea. It’s an electronic kettle that you can control over your Wi-Fi network. Of course, you can really only ask a kettle to do one thing: heat some water. But iKettle excels not by what it does but when it does it.


The basic trick of the iKettle is that you can order it to boil from your mobile device. It does this with the help of a Wi-Fi Base unit. But it also has two useful modes called “Wake up” and “Welcome Home.”

Based on the video below, with Wake up mode you can set a time for when the kettle will send you a message asking you if you want it to heat water. This makes it a pretty good alarm clock – if you don’t wake up on time, you might miss your morning drink. I’m assuming that Welcome home mode is just a second preset time, or perhaps the base unit can detect when your mobile device pops back in to your local Wi-Fi network.

You can pre-order the iKettle from Firebox for about $160 (USD). I predict that iKettle 3G will be able to refill itself. Delivering the hot drink to a person won’t come until the iKettle 5S. That and LTE.

[via Bonjour Life]