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Motorcycles Made from Lobster Shells: Crustaceans of Anarchy

 |  |  |  October 11, 2013

Who knew that making motorcycles out of lobster shells would be so awesome looking? They look like organically grown bikes from an underwater society.
lobster art
These lobstercycles were made by Huang Mingbo from Taiwan, who presented the collection of miniature bikes at a food art seminar in the Chinese province of Fujian. He completed the collection of intricate models using lobster shells for the vast majority of construction. They even feature wing mirrors and license plates. Pretty cool.

lobster art1
Now I want to see spaceships made from lobster shells. That would be freakin awesome. Someone make a Millenium Falcon from lobster shells right away. Make sure you include a miniature pilot called Prawn Solo. Please do this for me Huang Mingbo.

lobster art2
[via DailyMail via Likecool]