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Nibble Pan: Sample Baked Goodies without Ruining Them

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Written by Hazel Chua | October 13, 2013

Personally, I find baking cakes infinitely harder than cooking savories because you can’t really cheat when it comes to the former. By “cheat,” I mean correct mistakes you made along the way. For example, when you’re cooking and you find it’s too bland, then you can just add salt and pepper to taste. You can’t do the same when it comes to baking, because once that tray is in the oven, then all you can do is wait.

Another thing is that you won’t know how your cake will turn out until it’s served, because you can’t exactly cut out a piece to try it before anyone else can get a slice of their own. This is where Nibble Pan offers you a bit of help.


While it won’t let you “fix” bad batches of baked stuff, it will let you know if you whipped up an “off” cake by letting you try it before anyone else does – or let you sneak a bite instead of impatiently digging into the main cake. The Nibble Pan comes with an extra slot on the side, where you can pour a bit of your extra batter to make a cupcake version of your cake. How’s that for baking innovation?


Keep in mind that the smaller baked goodie will probably cook quicker than the main section of the pan, so you’ll want to snag your personal snack-size cake early.

The Nibble Pan retails for about $21.99(USD) over at Quirky.

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