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Capsulekong Turns Your Coffee into a Game of Donkey Kong

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 14, 2013

If you drew a Venn diagram of gamers and coffee drinkers, I think you’d find there’s a pretty large intersection between the two groups. So what better way to store your coffee machine pods but in a game of Donkey Kong?


Capsulekong is a wall-mountable storage solution for Nespresso drink pods, and was inspired by the classic 1980s video game. But this time, instead of barrels, Kong is rolling coffee pods at Jumpman as he tries to rescue Pauline at the top of the girders. As you load it up, the pods roll downhill – and every time you remove one, the whole thing sorta snakes down towards Jumpman.


As an added bonus, this thing doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it’s made from anodized aluminum, and looks awesome. It holds exactly 50 drink pods when full, and can even hold the double-barrel shots. However, it won’t hold any flaming ones. If you’re wondering if Capsulekong will fit on your wall, it measures about 17.3″ high x 14.2″ wide x .31″ deep.

So put on your red overalls, get out your mallet and start pounding your way over to Hologramer to pick up your Capsulekong for $170(USD) today. Yes, I know that it doesn’t work with other brands of coffee pods, but I don’t care. This is enough reason for me to toss out my Tassimo and pick up a Nespresso machine instead.

[via Man of Many]