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Predator Carved out of a Tree: Get to the Wood Choppa!

 |  |  |  |  October 14, 2013

Predators are the galaxy’s most fearsome and brutal warriors. They will rip your spine clean out, with your skull still attached. And they like to take trophies to remind them of their hunt. So a Predator would just love this tree with a predator head carved into it.
predator head
This entire carving took about 90 hours to complete and is the work of one Simon Patel from Walsall, UK. He is one ugly mother! No, not Simon, silly, the tree. Quick get to da choppa! Wait its just a hunk of wood. It’s all cool.

predator head1
Bonus: his head is flat, so you could give him a different hat every day if you were so inclined. An Abe Lincoln hat, a beanie. Now that would be cool. It would also make this guy far less terrifying.

[via Obvious Winner]