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Pokémon & Heroines T-shirts: PokéPinups

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 16, 2013

Many Pokémon have an affinity to natural elements, a trope that they share with other superheroes. Singapore-based shirt designer Barefists figured it would be nice to mashup the critters to famous heroines that share their elemental strengths in what he’s calling PokePinups.


Barefists currently has four PokePinups designs: Poison Ivy riding a Venusaur, Danaerys with three Charmanders, the Waterbender Katara on a Blastoise and the X-man Storm with Pikachu.

You can get the t-shirts from Barefists’ shop Xmashed Gear for about $22 (USD) each, but if you can get them for just $14 each, $30 for two or $55 for all four plus four A3 prints on his Indiegogo fundraiser. He’s planning to make more PokePinups in the future, but I hope that doesn’t depend on the success of his fundraiser because he’s still quite a ways from hitting his goal of $2,800.

With hundreds of Pokémon this series has a lot of potential. You can have Carrie and Mew, Chell and Abra, Sasha Blouse and Snorlax… man I need to play Pokémon X/Y. I’m way behind on Pokémon.