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bRight Switch Smart Switches and Outlets: Home 2.0

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 18, 2013

Home automation technologies have been around for a while, but most systems require additional gadgets to be plugged into each outlet you want to add to the system, and are generally quite costly. bRight Switch wants to replace every switch and outlet in your home so it can truly become a smart home – all without breaking the bank.


At the core of the system, bRight Switch replaces the light switches in your home with smart, wireless-connected switches which can be used to do everything from dim lights to control music playback. The switches can be programmed to turn on and off lights at predetermined times, or when you go on vacation, but what makes them really impressive is that they learn from your routine. So if you have a tendency to get home and enter a particular room at a particular time, the switch can automatically turn on the lights at the right time. With the Android-powered nLine touchscreen switch, you can also use two units as a room-to-room intercom, or use proximity detection to turn on lights when you enter the room. You can also use your Android, iOS or Windows mobile device to control the entire system remotely.

The system is comprised of three main components: 1) nLine touchscreen smart switches – which offer full functionality; 2) eLine switches – which provide dimming functionality and 3) eLine outlets, which provide AC and USB power, and can be turned on and off wirelessly. Both the eLine switch and outlet have  a built-in dimmable LED nightlight as well. Also, all dimmers offer selectable modes for incandescent, CFL or LED bulbs.


Each module plugs into an ingenious modular wireless base unit, so you can quickly change any location between any of the three switch or outlet modules, or upgrade to potential future variants. Installing base units is as simple as installing a light switch or outlet, but once it’s done, everything else is plug and play.

Best of all, the system is reasonably priced – even more so during its initial crowdfunding period. For as little as $15, you can buy a single eLine outlet and base unit, while an eLine switch and base goes for $25. The whiz-bang nLine switch and base is going for $75. Of course, outfitting an entire room or house will cost quite a bit more, but they have complete systems starting at $140 for small rooms, ranging all the way up to $990 for a full home system, with 2 nLine switches, 15 eLine switches, 20 eLine outlets and 37 wireless base modules.

Head on over to Indiegogo before October 31 to show your support for the project and to start transforming your home into a truly smart one.