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You Won’t Notice Wookiee or Ewok Hair on This Chewbacca Sofa

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 22, 2013

Fans of the giant furballs known as Wookiees are going to love this Chewbacca Sofa. It comes from the design team at New York based Sentient. No Wookiees were actually harmed or made bald in the making of this hairy home decor.

wookie sofa

It’s not technically a Wookiee sofa, but we know that hair when we see it. The base is made from reclaimed American oak boards, and the thing is just covered in Wookiee hide. Okay, it is actually long wool Icelandic sheepskin, which is super soft and will keep you warm.¬†Each sofa is made to order and it was designed by Nersi Nasseri.

wookie sofa1

If I had this sofa, I would rig it so that a Wookiee roared every time someone sits down. Don’t let Chewie see this!

[via Hi Consumption]