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Send Messages Hidden in Encrypted Images with Crypstagram

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Written by Hazel Chua | October 23, 2013

If you need to send someone a message but have to be discrete about it, then you might want to give Crypstagram a shot. It’s an image sharing site does more than just provide you with a means to share images with other people.

That’s because the image has to go through their system first before it’s ready for sharing.


What Crypstagram is encrypt your image by embedding a message into it. When I say “embed,” I do mean embed because it doesn’t just add text onto your image as an overlay or caption. It actually incorporates your message into the image and distorts it in the process.

Just select the image you want to use, upload it to the site, and add your message. Once it’s encrypted, you’ll end up with a surreal, glitched out image. You can then choose to share it or download it to your computer so you can email it to the recipient for decryption – which can only be achieved if you have the proper password.

Try it out for yourself here.