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Mamoris Chair Doubles As an Emergency Helmet: Spaceballs: The Chair

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 1, 2013

I feel like this is a design inspired by Spaceballs, but despite the fact that it looks silly, furniture that doubles as protective gear could save your life. The Mamoris chair features a backrest that doubles as an emergency helmet. Imagine yourself sitting there doing your work at your desk, when suddenly you feel an earthquake.
You may not have time to do much, but you can at least grab the back of your seat and cover you head with it. That could be enough to save your life right there or prevent a head injury. This design saves you the trouble of finding a place to store the helmet when you are not using it too.


The unique shape covers not only the head but also the neck and back area, which is where you want to be protected.


There’s no word on whether the Mamoris chair will go beyond the prototype stage, but it’s definitely a good idea for locations that are earthquake prone, so hopefully it’ll go into production at some point.

[via ixiqi via Likecool]