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Intricate Lipstick Art is Super Creative and Super Expensive

 |  |  |  |  |  November 4, 2013

As a lover of art, I’m beyond impressed at these sculptures Maya Sum has carved from lipstick. As a lover of makeup, I am appalled at the thought of brand new tubes of lipstick being hacked at to create these sculptures.

Then again, there’s a price that must be paid for every great piece of art, right?


For her women in power series, Maya has sculpted lipsticks and stick blushes in the images and likeness of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, and Coco Chanel. She has received extensive media attention for her lipstick sculptures and is now accepting custom orders on Etsy.

Each piece is priced starting at $450(USD) for objects and $620 for portraits. It’s pretty steep and is probably enough to buy you 22 brand new tubes of high-end lipstick – but then again, none of them will have your face on it.

[via if it’s hip, it’s here via¬†Incredible Things]