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LEGO Custom Arcade Machines with a Punk Rocker to Pump Quarters in Them

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 6, 2013

If you have a LEGO town set up in your home, chances are it needs an arcade. A town without an arcade is just… well, sad. Luckily for you there are these Lego City Arcade Machines.

Lego arcade1

This custom set of LEGO arcade games comes from Etsy seller TinyBricks and will cost you $69.99(USD).

You get six custom-built classics: TRON, Pole Position, Donkey Kong, Superman, Super Mario Bros. and of course Pac-Man. And as a special bonus, you also get a 1980’s Punk Rocker Minifig. Someone has to play these mini machines after all.

Lego arcade

They measure about 2.1” x 1.25”. Either have your own LEGO arcade or mix them with your other LEGO sets. Maybe you wanted to see an arcade inside of Hogwarts. Or maybe you feel that Jabba’s palace was in need of a TRON machine. The possibilities are endless.

Lego arcade2

They look so cute and hungry for tiny quarters.

Lego arcade3