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Doctor Who Mobile Will Help Your Child Through Their Latest Regeneration

 |  |  |  |  November 8, 2013

Timelords have it so easy. They can die a jillion times and come back as a different person, who is really the same person and each time they are already an adult. No need to physically grow up at all. Humans on the other hand, even if you believe in regeneration/reincarnation, have to go through the messy process of being born, teething,pooping and peeing all over yourself etc. It’s not fair.

Well, this TARDIS mobile can help your baby through this tough human regeneration time. Or maybe it will tick your child off by reminding him or her of how easy Timelords have it.
This mobile belongs to some friends of UTLVRev1312, who bought the mobile on Etsy, though they don’t say what artist made it. You’ll notice it’s got a plush Doctor, a TARDIS, and a Dalek, but there’s also a weeping angel dangling about off camera. Best to not let your baby blink.

Get this. The baby’s name is Amelia. Do you think her last name is Pond? It wouldn’t surprise me.

[via Neatorama]