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Entertainment Flask: Sip, Don’t Blow on This NES Cartridge

 |  |  |  |  November 14, 2013

It’s the eve of the launch of the PS4 and one week before the Xbox One’s arrival, and I just realized something. We pay $60 for video games these days, and they all are packaged in the same old boring round discs. Sometimes I long for game cartridges. Not only did ROM-based games load instantly, their cartridges offered each system their own distinctive game packaging. Arguably, the most iconic game cartridge is from the original NES.

While I don’t really have a need to carry around NES cartridges any more, I’d be happy to carry around this one which happens to be a functional flask.


The guys at Ink Whiskey have come up with the Entertainment Flask, a drink flask which disguises itself perfectly as an NES cart. Each one is embellished with an appropriate game label, including Metal Beer, Super Bar-Hop Bros., CastleVodka, and the sure to be top-seller Drunk Hunt. 


Ink Whiskey is currently raising funds for production of the Entertainment Flask over on Kickstarter, where a pledge of at least $20(USD) will get you a cartridge flask. $50 or more gets you a shiny gold The Legend of Drink edition, reminiscent of the gold Zelda and ridiculously rare Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge.


They’ve still got a little way to go to hit their modest fundraising goal of $12,000, so head on over before November 23 to show your support to help bring this project to fruition. Your whisky is counting on it.

[via GearMoose]