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Hoth Wampug Cave Dog Bed: Of Course We’ll See Master Luke Again

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 14, 2013

Our pals over at Homes and Hues spotted this Wampa-inspired Hoth Wampug Cave made by Tom Spina Designs for Kristen Andrews’ famous pet pug Chubbs the Wampug. She will knock you out and drag you to her icy cave, where she will hang you upside down and save you for a later meal. But she will look cute the whole time, so you really won’t mind.


As you can see, Chubbs the Wampug looks pretty adorable here in her Wampa costume, just hanging out in her Hoth ice cave dog bed. The coated foam sculpture even has an upside down Luke action figure hanging from it and the cave has a ramp granting the dog easy access.



Be sure to check the action filled video of Chubbs in action. Spoiler alert: It is better than the prequels.

[via Homes and Hues]