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QR Fridge Magnet Lets You Know When Your Food is Going Bad

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Written by Hazel Chua | November 17, 2013

It’s annoying and wasteful at the same time to open your fridge and see spoiling food and produce. Sometimes you just don’t notice when something is spoiling until they’re already past the expiration date. Other times, you’re just too busy to check and find that it’s beyond edible when you do.

Aiming to lessen the amount of food that’s thrown away because of this is the conceptual QR Fridge Magnet.

QR Fridge Magnet

The QR Fridge Magnet is an interactive magnet that would offer a QR code scanning feature. It’s designed to keep track of food’s expiry or spoilage dates and provides information on the shelf life of food as well. After scanning, the magnet is meant to be tacked onto the fridge.

QR Fridge Magnet1

As the days pass, the magnet would change in color to provide a visual representation of the level of freshness of the food. Green indicates that the food is still fresh, while red means that the food has spoiled and should no longer be consumed.

The Fridge Magnet was designed by Hu Yaxing, Chen Zhipeng, Liao Haibo, and Tang Yigang and is a 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner.

[via Yanko Design]