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Build Your Own Iron Throne

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 22, 2013

The Iron Throne. It is what everyone is fighting over, even though it is the least comfortable chair in all of Westeros. Well, if you are tired of not having one for your very own and are sick of waiting in line for the chance to sit on one at comic cons, you can build your own.

iron throne

All it takes is a plastic Adirondack chair, some yardsticks, foam, paint, screws and a dream. This DIY throne comes from web developer and gamer flaming_pele! who has shared the info so that we can all have our own. The plastic Adirondack chair is a perfect starting place because it is lightweight and you can build off of it using common materials.

iron throne1

You can check out the entire step-by-step tutorial on Instructables. After that, just sit back and rule your kingdom.

[via Laughing Squid]