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Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands Mark the Extinction of Your Single Life

 |  |  |  |  November 27, 2013

A diamond is forever, so how special is that? Anyone can get a diamond. You can’t destroy the things. But a dinosaur bone? That’s awesome. And it says that your love is an ancient and special thing that can only be destroyed by a worldwide calamity that wipes out an entire species. Now that’s love.

dinosaur ring

These handmade rings come from Jewelry by Johan, who gets the materials for the rings from the Morrison Formation in Utah. Sadly, they’re not actual bone fragments, but the colorful quartz minerals formed in the fossils where dinosaur bones once lay. Still, these fossils date all the way back from the Jurassic Era over 65 million years ago. They also make some rings with meteorite fragments as well.


Prices for the dinosaur bone rings range from $450(USD) to $1800(USD).

Nothing says love like wearing the bones of dead giants, or so I once heard a Klingon say.

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