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Janus Dynamic Fabric Lights up or Warms You up, as Needed

 |  |  |  |  November 29, 2013

Janus gives interactive fabric a whole new meaning. Not only is it strong and versatile, but it also comes with integrated heating or lighting capabilities. It sounds like something from the future, and it probably is, but here’s to hoping someone can actually turn it into a reality.

Janus Fabric

Janus is a concept desibn for a textile that could be integrated into a variety of base materials, such as fabrics, leather, or film. After the material is decided, a lighting or heating system can be applied before using the textile to create the intended product.

So far, three products have been designed with the special features of Janus in mind: an umbrella with an integrated lighting system, bulb-less light that uses the material’s lighting properties to provide illumination, and a wheelchair with integrated heating in its seat.

Janus Fabric1

The lighting or heating system is basically sandwiched in between a layer of polyurethane and polyester. For example, for the umbrella, the system is described as follows:

In the rain, the city seems to be darker and gloomier than usual. Janus Fabric senses the sounds on the street and expresses various light patterns in response.


Futuristic? Yes. Impossible? We’re hoping it isn’t.

Janus Fabric is a Red Dot Design Award 2013 winner and was designed by Kim Hyemin, Kim Minki, and Lee Jisu.