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3D Printed Thorn Dice: For Literal Critical Hits

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 30, 2013

So, standard dice aren’t doing it for you. There are a ton of special dice sets that you can buy to spice things up a bit. Although I think these are the first I’ve ever seen with thorns sticking out of them. Roll your dice, move your mice. Just make sure you play with a paper towel, some gauze and some antiseptic. Things are about to get real in this game. Real painful.
thorn dice
This set of 3D printed thorn dice was designed by Shapeways contributor¬†ceramicwombat. You can get plastic versions for as low as $27(USD), but that set isn’t dangerous enough for a true gamer. You are going to want the $82 metal set so you can play like a man. A man with bleeding hands. Just kidding. They shouldn’t cut you up too bad. I think.


Plus, these die are an excellent way to get revenge on your kids for leaving LEGO bricks on the floor for you to step on. Oh, sorry son, I guess I left MY toys on the floor this time. The Band-Aids are over here. Now stop crying.

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