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Super Hexagon Commodore 64 Demake: Micro Hexagon

 |  |  |  |  |  December 3, 2013

Programmer Paul Koller managed to make a full-fledged Commodore 64 demake of Terry Cavanagh’s beloved Super Hexagon. For the record, I behate it. It’s so freakin’ difficult. But I love Paul’s demake because even if it turns out to be as hard as the original game, at least it won’t take up a lot of my hard drive’s space. Micro Hexagon clocks in at a mere 16 kilobytes.


For comparison, the Android version of Super Hexagon is 28MB while the iOS version is 23.3MB. Another reason to love Micro Hexagon? The bangin’ soundtrack by Mikkel Hastrup aka Encore64.

You can download Micro Hexagon from the C-64 Scene Database for free. You can play it on your PC using a Commodore64 emulator like micro64.

[via Benjamin Wimmer via Joystiq]