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Ex-Men: Professor-X Fires Nightcrawler

 |  |  |  |  |  December 5, 2013

Comedian Pete Holmes is at it again with another Ex-Men video. In the series, he dresses like Professor-X and fires some underperforming X-Men mutant. The last time I mentioned one of these videos it was the incredibly lame Jubilee that was getting the axe.


The new video sees Nightcrawler getting shown the door. Professor X brings up something I’ve never really thought about, what exactly does the smoke Nightcrawler leaves behind when he teleports smell like? Apparently, the answer is something stinky.¬†At one point, Professor X says it smells like the Predators dreadlocks. I laughed hard.

As with all the other Ex-Men videos, it’s mostly a string of insults. In fact, at one point Nightcrawler asks Professor X if his home for mutants was just a ploy so he could lure mutants in and insult them. Professor X replies: “a little bit.”

[via Nerd Approved]