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Emertest On-the-Spot Blood Type Test Kit Could Save Lives

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Written by Hazel Chua | December 6, 2013

A blood transfusion might spell the difference between life and death. This is apparent during emergency situations and in the case of accidents where the victims are in danger of bleeding out. But before any transfusions can be done, the patient’s blood type must be verified.

Lab tests can determine this, but the results can take a while. Working with this in mind, designers Efe Erinç Erdoğdu, Rasim Ispirgil, & Mehrafza Mirzazad Barijugh came up with Emertest.


Short for “emergency test,” the conceptual single-use test kit is meant to determine the patient’s blood type at the scene of the accident or while they’re en route to the hospital. It attaches to the patient’s arm much like a leech, and would provide result information in just minutes.


It’s beyond convenient to have a portable test to determine the patient’s blood type, in a similar speed and manner of other ready-to-use tests available today, like pregnancy kits.


As for the technology behind how the Emertest can determine the blood type on its own remains to be seen.

[via Yanko Design]