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Shapify.me Lets You Use Your Kinect to Take 3D Selfies

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 6, 2013

Earlier this year we learned about Twinkind, a 3D printing shop that makes personalized figurines. Its products are highly detailed, but it has two drawbacks: the figurines are expensive and you have to go to Germany to be scanned. A similar service called Shapify.me has none of those drawbacks, although it requires you to have a Kinect.


Before Shapify.me can make your figurine, you have to scan yourself using a Kinect and a PC running Shapify’s software. Assuming you can hold your pose, the process will only take a few minutes, after which the software will generate your 3D model. You can of course re-do the scan if you like.

If you’re satisfied, send your model online through the software and fill-up a form on Shapify.me’s website to place your order. The company will then print a 1/20th scale figurine and deliver it to you for a flat fee of $59 (USD). You can also specify if you want a monochrome or a full-color figurine.

Based on the images, it seems like Shapify.me’s figurines are not as detailed as the ones made by Twinkind or other shops with dedicated 3D scanners. On the other hand, these are way cheaper (well, if you already have a Kinect!) and more convenient. As of this writing Shapify.me caters to residents of the US, Canada and Europe. Check out Shapify.me’s website to learn more.