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AirTame Wireless HDMI Dongle: I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2013

Most computers nowadays have HDMI ports that let you beam your display to a TV, monitor or projector using an HDMI cable. But what if you could do that wirelessly? And what if you could send media not just to one display but to multiple displays and computers all at once? That’s the idea behind AirTame.


AirTame works by beaming video from one computer to an HDMI device using a dongle. It works with Windows, OS X and Linux computers and even works without an Internet connection. If you have multiple AirTame dongles, then you can send a stream to multiple HDMI devices at once. You can ask AirTame to mirror what’s on your computer screen or to use an HDMI device as a secondary display. The latter is great if you want to keep using your computer or if you don’t want others to see what’s on your computer.


AirTame also has three settings depending on what you want to do. If you want to watch videos, you can set AirTame to prioritize buffering and stream quality. If you want to play games, AirTame can focus on minimizing lag and frame rate drops. If you’re just sharing static images – e.g. pictures or a Powerpoint presentation – you can set AirTame to lower the stream’s frame rate and increase its bit rate instead.


As I said, AirTame’s basic functionality works even if there’s no Internet connection. But if there’s a local Wi-Fi network available, you also have the option of sharing your screen to other computers in the same network without using the dongle. You can password protect your streams so only the right people can see your screen.

Pledge at least $89 (USD) on Indiegogo to receive an AirTame dongle as a reward. Assuming it really is dependable and easy to use, the only drawback to AirTame is that the dongle is powered via USB, so you need a nearby USB port (which old HDTVs don’t have) or a USB charger. It would also be great if it could also mirror to and from mobile devices like AirBridge.

[via CoolThings]