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iRecorder: 1970s Cassette Tech for Your 21st Century Gadgets

 |  |  |  |  December 7, 2013

Remember when we used gadgets called “tape recorders?” Well, now you can relive the prehistoric era of portable cassette tape recorders, but with your iPhone in place of the cassette.



The iRecorder looks like one of those old luggable cassette recorders that predates the seminal Sony Walkman. Like it’s distant relatives, the battery-powered iRecorder sports a speaker and buttons that actually work. But in this case, the buttons control playback of your iPhone 4, 5 or 5S, and the volume of the speaker. It’s even got one of those pull-out handles for carrying it around.


Ironically, the one thing iRecorder doesn’t do is offer a record button. Instead, the red button is now the play button. I’m assuming that’s because they couldn’t figure out a way to trigger recording through the iPhone’s headphone jack. Still, we get the point, and the iRecorder is a fun gadget for those looking for a retro gift for old fogies like me.

You can grab the iRecorder from CraziestGadgets for $49.99 (USD). I wonder how well the window on the player lines up with this app.