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Thanko USB Head Massager Vibrates Away Bothersome Bossholes

 |  |  |  December 8, 2013

Thanko is a Japanese gadget firm that makes just about anything you can think of and a slew of things sane people wouldn’t think to plug their your USB ports. If you need a set of Santa boots to warm your feet using USB power, Thanko has it. If your butt gets too hot in the summer, get the Thanko water-cooled seat cushion. You get the idea, if it’s powered by USB you can find it at Thanko.


If your boss is a bosshole, and you really need something to help get rid of the headache from listening to him prattle on about spelling and punctuation constantly causes you (maybe that’s just me) Thanko has a USB head massager. It looks as weird as you might expect it too. It will undoubtedly mess up your hair, and will do nothing to impress that cute girl that works down the hall.


What it will do is adjust to fit most domes, no matter how gargantuan, and vibrate when plugged in. The idea is that it will help get rid of stress. If you need to use it and you don’t have a USB port, it can be powered by batteries.


The USB-powered head massager is available for ¥2,980 (~$30 USD) in Japan.

[via EverythingUSB]