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Toydozer Toy Clean up Set Prevents Dangerous LEGO Injuries


Written by Conner Flynn | December 9, 2013

Kids leave their LEGO bricks all over the floor. Well, all toys really, but especially LEGO bricks. And of course it is just a matter of time until you step on one and have to endure the pain. Well, the Toydozer can help.
The Toydozer set is basically a broom and dustpan for cleaning up toys quickly and efficiently. It scoops them and slides them into the waiting dustpan so that a clean floor can be had in mere seconds. Best of all, you won’t step on any toys and curse up a storm.

It is only $14.99(USD) fromĀ Amazon and it is the kind of product that genuinely makes life better. Parents everywhere should buy one. LEGO related injuries are nothing to laugh about. Unless they happen on YouTube of course.

[via This Is Why I’m Broke]