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Innovations in Ink Making Spurs the Advent of New-age Devices

 |  |  |  December 19, 2013

Synergistic growth translates into one technology being able to complement the advances in another. The same principle can be applied to the recent innovations in ink making. Its technology is deeply integrated in electronic devices and systems, improving them as a result.

Behind these innovations is nanotechnology, which involves the use of small-sized membranes, tubes, and components that can be used for a variety of purposes. Currently, its use has been popularized within the healthcare and electronics industry. Nanotubes ensure that minute quantities can be delivered at the designated place, in a highly specific manner.

Ink Nanotechnology

A recent innovation by Linde Electronics involves using carbon nanotube inks to generate new display technologies. These nanotubes provide an ideal use for ink making and printing because of their size (their diameter is just 1/10,000 of the diameter of human hair) and physical properties (they have a high stress resistance when it comes to heat and mechanical pressure).

The ink industry is also making progress with the advent of organic electronics. For example, ink-based tags for biomedical implants has led to the development of thermochromic displays which uses conductive wires to make patterns.

Aside from these, brings another model to the table that uses an online platform to promote the usage of diverse ink and printing technologies. This is an example of R&D moving so fast that it has basically created an online exchange for ink-savvy and eco-conscious consumers.

Ink Tech

Nanotechnology is still in its nascent phases, so the progress that has been achieved up until this point is just in its primer stage. Consider dye development through nanotechnology. If you think about it, numerous industries now need markers or fluorescent dyes for various applications.

Electro-wetting is another ongoing innovation which is massive because it would give e-paper the feel of classic ink on paper. Such displays have the advantage of being brighter than LCDs while consuming less power. Imagine how this can change e-readers

How ink technology will develop further – and the new tech it will spawn – is definitely something to watch out for.

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